Fashioning The Benefits Of Big Data

Candice Swanepoel is Red Hot for Vogue Mexico’s September 2013 Cover
 Candice Swanepoel is Red Hot for Vogue Mexico’s September 2013 Cover

When fashion and big data join forces, it makes marketing endeavors easier for both designers and fashion retailers.

Just like any other major industry, the world of fashion is taking on the digital frontier and Big Data is along for the ride.

With fashionable technology in mind, here are just a few ways Big Data is helping the fashion industry take a walk down the runway in style:

The Anywhere Store

Thanks to Big Data, fashion is entering the digital arena like never before. When fashion (Read More.....)

Winter Coats: Top Fashion Hues to Wear This Winter

Liu Wen  for Elle China’s September Issue 3Liu Wen  for Elle China’s September Issue

Winter is a dark and drab time of year, so it's natural to want to fight back against it with stark and bright colors. Brighter colors help us feel happy and make us stand out against a largely gray and dark brown landscape. Somehow, though, we often wind up in muted tones - burgundy instead of red. Olive green instead of emerald.


Speaking of green, this fall and winter, green is super in. The trick, though, is to choose your green based on your skin tone, not on your mood or your wanting to stand out against a winterized landscape. Green is one of those colors that is very picky - some greens will make you look (Read More.....)

Fashion Magazines You Must Read - But Have Probably Never Heard Of

Fashion MagazinesEverybody knows about Vogue, Glamour, Elle, et al. We see them all the time - at the grocery store, at the bookstore, in convenience stores, and even referenced online. I don't know about you, but all of these magazines have started to blend together for me. They all contain the same stuff: clothes I can't afford and that wouldn't be practical to wear even if I decided to stop being a freelance shlub on my couch (What? It could happen).

This doesn't mean that I don't enjoy fashion. In fact, I value fashion and there are times when I, just like everyone, get the urge to change up my look and try something new. Fashion magazines - especially the independent and lesser known - are a great place to go for ideas.

Yeah, that's just a really hipstery way to say: Seriously, you need to check out these fashion magazines because they (Read More.....)

Denim: Not Just for Casual Events

Florence and Fred Couture - Extreme Denim JacketFlorence and Fred Couture - Extreme Denim Jacket

Most of us were raised to think that denim was meant strictly for casual wear. Some of us might have even been raised in households where denim clothes were only for getting work done around the house and lounging on weekends. It's shocking how far this simple and unassuming material has come since we were kids!

Now, depending on how it is made, denim can even be passed off as businesswear and "formal-lite."

Here are some examples.

The Denim Skirt

A woman can pull off wearing jeans in the business place.  A jean skirt would pass in any office with a business-casual dress code.

The Denim Jacket

A (Read More.....)

250 Pictures Of The Best Coat Fashions That Flatter The Figure

The Best 250 CoatsWhen you think of plus-sized fashion, you may have a set vision of what that looks like. However, if that vision doesn't include swaths of camouflage, military insignias, exquisite wool long coats, distinguished hats, or military crop jackets, you may be selling yourself short on options.

Contrary to popular belief, military themes can easily be incorporated into a plus-sized fashion wardrobe. It just takes a bit of know-how and ingenuity, both of which you likely have in spades.

Read further to discover several attractive military-themed fashions that will not only flatter your plus-sized frame, but will turn heads as well.

Long Coats

Military long coats work well with full-sized frames because of the length of the jacket. Longer coats draw (Read More.....)

Top 5 Fashion Schools in the Country

Top 5 Fashion Schools

Does everyone always tell you that you have an eye for fashion? Are you constantly thinking about clothing and accessories? Do you always dress to look your best, even if you are just running out to the grocery store? If so, than a career in fashion may be the right avenue for you. And you're in luck, because the United States happens to be home to some pretty top-notch fashion schools.

Want to see what options are available to you? Here is a look at the five leading fashion schools in the country:

Parsons: The New School for Design

New York is known to most as the fashion capital of the (Read More.....)

5 Hot Military Jackets That Won't Destroy Your Budget

Mr. Baidis Jackets On Amazon

One of the best things about the weather transitioning from the hot weather of summer to the cooler and crisper days of fall and winter is the return of the jacket. It's hard to argue against the beauty of most fall fashions. Of course, putting together a fall and winter wardrobe can be "budgetarily" difficult, even for people who are really great at money (Read More.....)